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K2 Güncel Sanat Merkezi

"Punctured Tyre"

P a r t i c i p a n t s :

Ahmet Ögüt, Borga Kantürk, Elmas Deniz, Erinç Seymen,
Gülşah Kılıç, İnci Furni, Leyla Gediz

K2 Contemporary Art Center
May 26th - June 22nd 2007
Opening: May 26th 2007, Saturday, 18.00
Artists Talk: May 26th 2007, Saturday, 15.00

“Punctured Tyre” is a collective initiation of young artists from Turkey. The exhibition in K2 CAC/Izmir and the two concomitant fanzines are outcomes of a series of discussions held by the artists from December 2005 up until today.

Whilst the need to map mainstream contemporary and geo-specific views had been filled in perfectly convincing ways, the need to capture singular/ exceptional cases or distinctive and authentic qualities of the alikes had been neglected. The view, which is useful in analysing the whole or major groups had long been insufficient in addressing individual artists and their works in micro-scale. This amblyopy had come up frequently in our discussions: just as we demand that works should not be reduced to one or a few components of the artist’s identity (such as the artist’s base, ethnic/ sexual or any class-wise definitions, and her/his relations to other individuals and institutions), we realize that we have responsibility in this pursuit of justice, thus we decided on an attempt to head against the flow.

“Punctured Tyre” is an artist collabration. It is self-curated and it is independent of any insitution.
Decisively, “Punctured Tyre” invites the art audience to pause up against the noise of (so called) communication networks, consequent dilemmas and the dazzling speed of globalisation.
An open discussion gives start to the exhibition and two fanzines will be published in order to document the events.

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